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                                                  In the port of Odense, culture is gradually replacing industry. The closure
                                                  of the shipyards in Denmark's third largest city is counterbalanced by the
                                                  growth of the commercial sector and the creation of focal points such
                                                  as North Atlantic House. This cultural centre is intended to be an open
                                                  door to the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland, three island nations
                                                  which were formerly part of the kingdom of Denmark and which are
                                                  depicted here by three separate buildings making up a virtual Nordic
                                                  village. Each entity is presented like a rock, evoking the rugged geological
                                                  formations of these subarctic territories. The anthracite zinc used to clad
                                                  all the volumes conveys the impression of a rugged monolithic mass.
                                                  The large windows on the ground ?oor create continuity between the
                                                  three parts of the programme, which is made up of exhibition areas,
                                                  conference rooms, a store that sells design products and a restaurant. The

02tower houses 25 student accommodation units.
                                                  The choice of materials actively contributes to the narrative: their
                                                  appearance is a metaphor for life in these extreme territories and the
                                                  relationship with nature. The concrete remains rough, natural Icelandic
                                                  driftwood is used on the lower parts of the facade. ANTHRA-ZINC® is a
                                                  direct reference to the darkened wood of certain Nordic houses. Shape
                                                  and material, more than imagery, are mobilised to develop a rich and
                                                  powerful imaginative universe.

                                                    Odense – Denmark / North Atlantic House / Architect(s):
                                                    Cornelius + Vöge ApS & Isager Arkitekter / Contractor: Persolit /
                                                    Technique: Cassettes / ANTHRA-ZINC® / 4,000 m²

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