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FOCUS ON ZINC N° 14 - October 2015. FOCUS ON ZINC is the international architecture

magazine from VMZINC®. It is published in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish and
Portuguese Publication Director Roger Baltus Project Manager Corinne Gessat Editorial
Committee Roger Baltus, Silvia Besana, Isabelle Budliger, Laurence Bonan, Michel de
Caluwé, Stéphane Corbel, Corinne Gessat, Chandra Hester, Karina Jensen, Knut König, Barbara
Nordberg, Jonathan Lowy, Giulio Paoli, Laura Terricabras Balada and Silvia Vonlanthen Editorial
Contribution Roger Baltus, Jenny Gilbert, Olivier Namias, Barbara Nordberg, Christopher Smith
Design Graphic Plus D12378 Printing Groupe des imprimeries Morault.

© Copyright Umicore Building Products France s.a.s October 2015. Any total or partial reproduction of this

   document is subject to prior written authorisation from Umicore Building Products France s.a.s.
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